Deon Howell also known as the musical act "Single Stoners' Club" is an all around entertainer with a knack for futuristic marketing strategies. With a decade-long background of music distribution, songwriting, and production; Deon has made a unique mark on the industry. Currently diving into the world of sports entertainment as a professional wrestler and President of Abagale Ring he certainly has a plan to influence media in a way unseen before.


    "I'm very fortunate to be a part of such a groundbreaking company in Abagale Tv, I can't wait to change the world with what we bring to the table." - Deon Howell


    Deon Howell


    Website- Www.singlestonersclub.com

    iTunes- www.itunes.com/singlestonersclub

    Youtube- Www.youtube.com/c/singlestonersclub

    Instagram- www.instagram.com/singlestonersclub

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