Hip-Hop icon Doctor Dre, formerly of “Yo! MTV Raps” fame, the Hip-Hop classic film “Who’s The Man?”, and the number one radio personality on Hot 97 NY, Power 105 NY, and The Beat LA, has been named President of PARAWHIRL NETWORK in a partnership with the American Basketball Association (“ABA”) and its official streaming network ABAGALE TV.


    Doctor Dre considers himself to be Super B.A.D. (a blind amputee and Type II diabetic). His uncontrolled Type II diabetes, led to his blindness and amputations. The Parawhirl network will ignite Doctor Dre’s vision of accessibility for people with disabilities and special needs.


    ParaWhirl Network will be committed to providing an inclusive streaming experience for all users. This network will ensure that all content is fully accessible. We understand that not everyone experiences the world in the same way, which is why we offer audio description, closed captioning, and light sensitivity features for those who experience discomfort with bright or flashing lights.


    If you are looking for high-quality video content, then look no further! ParaWhirl Network will feature sporting events, music, gaming, movies, and television shows. It will also share links, information, and public service announcements with our viewers regarding Health and Wellness.


    The Para Access World website, http://www.paraaccessworld.org, invites the public to participate and interact with the ParaWhirl community. For a more complete bio on Doctor Dre, please visit: https://doctordre39.org/

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