ABAGALE TV chooses Mary Knoblock as DIRECTOR OF LABELS & DISTRIBUTION. She will be responsible for signing recording artist to ABAGALE RECORDS, a subsidiary of ABAGALE TV.


    EXCLUSIVE ABAGALE RECORDS Artist will reap the benefits of media exposure through ABAGALE TV’s vast media network. Premium video exposure on over 100 channels, distribution on Sony/Orchard, access to music programs, and direct exposure through performance or a song playing at one of many ABA games across the globe, are just some of the enormous benefits available to our artist.


    Mary comes into the streaming industry with 20 years of business experience and a passion for building music communities.


    Her passion for the music industry started when she focused on supporting the 2% of female producers in the music industry. Now through ABAGALE RECORDS she has an opportunity to cast a wider net and help a larger collective of artist, including women.


    In the past she has created a label and platform that now spans worldwide with opportunities in distribution, A&R and marketing.


    Ms. Knoblock is also an Experimental Music Artist and has over 200 songs in her discography spanning 23 albums.

    She holds her MBA and is currently setting up her first radio segment on News for the Soul.


    Mary Knoblock created “Produced by a Girl” and Aurally Records which is also powered by Sony/Orchard.


    “I’m is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of ABAGALE and serve the music community in ways that have never been explored before’, remarks Mary.

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